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Commercial Lighting


When it comes to commercial lighting installation, you need a team that specializes in commercial electrical projects to ensure that your job is completed correctly and quickly. Our commercial electricians have the experience to complete any lighting project, from lighting design to retrofitting and replacement. Our experts are familiar with all regulations and requirements, whether we’re replacing lights in your warehouse or installing a new system in your office space. When you deal with the Hargrove team, you know that your lighting work is done right the first time.


Office lighting affects everything from budgeting to productivity. Older lighting systems cost more to operate because of a higher electrical pull. These systems also need more repairs and parts replacement, leading to even more cost.

Lighting tints also have an effect on employees. Orange or yellow-tinted lighting offers a more relaxing effect, while white lights promote higher concentration. Today’s lighting systems can be installed and programmed to offer both options, depending on the time of day, to promote maximum productivity.


Commercial lighting grids are typically a major overhead cost. Energy efficient lighting offers less expensive running costs as well as being better for the environment. These systems are often programmable, delivering different tints and watts for different needs. The Hargrove team can install energy-efficient lighting in your new lighting system, as well as retrofit your old lighting system to an energy-efficient option.


Warehouse lighting grids use a higher amount of energy than most lighting systems. They require an emergency backup lighting system for emergency purposes. Our commercial lighting pros not only provide warehouse lighting systems that meet your needs but also provide guidance and advice on high-efficiency options and other updates that could save your company costs and time.


Historically, warehouse lighting is one of the most costly overhead expenses for many businesses. Today, however, even warehouse lighting can be installed and retrofitted to high-efficiency lighting. These commercial lighting systems are specially designed to deliver maximum lighting power with minimum energy use. The Hargrove lighting experts provide the information and guidance you need to ensure your lighting system meets your productivity and efficiency needs.


As a business owner, protecting your business is of the utmost importance. The Hargrove technicians work with you, delivering outdoor lighting options that offer security and peace of mind without breaking your budget.

There are multiple options for your outdoor lighting, each offering its own benefits. Your Hargrove team provides the information you need for each type of outdoor lighting, so you can make an informed decision for your company.


These systems deliver 24-hour lighting that covers a wide, 360-degree area.


These lights can be mounted almost anywhere and offer bright lighting that is triggered by movement. These lights come in multiple setups and offer lighting options that cover wide areas or a more focused area.


Flood lights are typically placed above doorways and at building corners and can be set up to be 24-hour or motion-activated. These lights are designed to cover a wide area and are wired into emergency systems for generator-provided power.


Lighting repair is important and should be completed at the first sign of an issue to prevent more serious, more costly problems. Hargrove Electric specializes in lighting repairs, updates, and retrofits, ensuring your lighting system is in tip-top shape, all the time.


Switching from traditional lighting to an LED commercial lighting system can save energy costs and repair time. These systems use minimal energy to provide the same wattage output, and they last up to 5 years longer for fewer repairs and replacements.



When there’s trouble in your lighting system, you need a team that can locate and repair the issue fast. The Hargrove commercial electricians are skilled troubleshooters that can identify your lighting issue quickly and provide you with every option so you can make an educated decision for your business.


When it’s time to replace your lighting system, trust our pros to ensure that your lighting removal and replacement are done properly and within code. We work with you, guiding you through every part of the lighting process so you know you’re getting the service and product you’re looking for.


Don’t trust your commercial lighting to just any electrical team. Our commercial electricians are seasoned and skilled in proper lighting system planning and execution for a job done right, the first time.

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