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Energizing Hurst, Texas with Expert Solutions

Capable of Powering Hurst’s Landmarks and Businesses

Our range of expertise is as varied as the landscape of Hurst itself, encompassing everything from retail centers to cultural venues, recreational parks, industrial facilities, and educational institutions. Here’s a glimpse into how we can serve the Hurst community’s commercial electric needs.

Retail Spaces such as the North East Mall

Our team is adept at outfitting retail environments with the latest in energy-efficient lighting, advanced security systems, and smart technologies that elevate the shopping experience.

Cultural Hubs akin to the Artisan Center Theater

We’re equipped to enhance performance spaces with specialized electrical services that power stage lighting, sound systems, and multimedia capabilities, ensuring every show is brilliantly lit and perfectly audible.

Recreational Areas similar to Chisholm Park

From lighting for safety and ambiance to electrical setups for events, we can transform outdoor spaces into welcoming community assets.

Venues such as the Hurst Conference Center

Our expertise extends to accommodating a wide array of events with versatile electrical systems, including sophisticated AV installations and flexible lighting solutions to facilitate seamless gatherings.

Manufacturing and Industrial Sites like Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

 We offer industrial electrical services that support high-demand operations, focusing on power distribution, safety lighting, and robust data infrastructure.

Educational Institutions within the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District

Our services can modernize educational facilities with energy-efficient lighting, emergency systems, and the infrastructure needed to support contemporary educational tools and technologies.

Expanding Infrastructure

As Hurst continues to grow, so does its infrastructure. New commercial buildings, office spaces, and retail centers are on the rise, requiring experienced commercial electricians to handle complex installations. These developments need to be equipped with the latest in electrical systems, including energy-efficient lighting, power distribution systems, and emergency backup solutions. Electricians in Hurst must be adept at installing and maintaining these systems, ensuring they meet the city’s building codes and standards.

Why Partner with Hargrove Electric?

Broad Sector Expertise: We possess the wide-ranging experience required to cater to the specific electrical needs of different types of businesses and institutions in Hurst.

Customized Electrical Solutions: Recognizing the unique requirements of each client, we specialize in creating and implementing tailored electrical solutions.

Dedicated to Hurst: As members of the Hurst community, our commitment extends beyond providing services; we are dedicated to supporting the city’s growth and prosperity.

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