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EV Charger Installation

Businesses all over are finding new ways to reach customers and clients, like installing EV chargers right in the parking lot. Not only does this feature deliver convenience to your customers, but it also differentiates your business from othersin the industry. But, these systems must be installed by a professional for optimal performance. Hargrove Electric can install your EV charging system without disrupting your client flow. Call us today to learn more about EV charger installations and how you can get a station installed at your business.



These charging systems are up to 4 times faster than home charging systems. They must be attached to and pull power from a wall box and pull energy from the current setup, with just a few upgrades possibly needed.


These systems are quick charging systems and offer up to 10 times faster charging than home chargers. These are stand-alone structures that can be located in any spot in your parking lot. These charging systems, however, may take additional installation tasks such as a panel addition. The Hargrove Electricians can inspect your system to discover what upgrades are needed.


The Hargrove team works with you at every step to ensure you get the service and product you expect, every time.

First, we talk with you to discover your needs and find the best system to suit your business.

Our electricians then inspect your current electrical system to identify any weak points or needed upgrades.

Once we have inspected your system, we begin the installation process, providing any needed upgrades or electrical additions. We work quickly to ensure that your business isn’t affected and efficiently so you know the job is done correctly the first time.

When you need commercial electrical service that you can count on, the Hargrove Electricians are here for you. From rewires and remodels to emergency service, our team is trained and experienced in all types of electrical work to ensure that your project is completed quickly and efficiently every time. Trust the Hargrove Electric team to keep your company powered.

Call our electrical experts today to schedule your EV charger installation.

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